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  • Janina Gruber
  • Nicola Bacchilega

This is an ongoing personal project with Photographer Ryan Croxton. I only use second hand clothing and worn pieces I got from family and friends. It's all about breaking down the fashion consumption at least a little from time to time, giving older pieces a pupose and value eventhough the aren't new anymore. You can still look great in them, look at the boys below. It's ok to buy pieces but do it with more awarness of what you really want and need and what you can appreciate and really wear, it doesn't help anyone if it's lying in the wardrobe, it's not fair on the piece and the person who put so much work into into it to produce it. My dad's suit: ''I am not dead yet!'' The lady's cardigan in the charity shop: ''I am not dead yet!'' My pair of trousers: ''I am not dead yet!'' Your shirt: ''I am not dead yet!!''