Museu do Prado Itinerante

  • Stephanie Mariano

In a freelance project commissioned by the Câmara Municipal da Amadora and the Agrupamento de Escola da Damaia, two posters to advertise an art exhibition circulating the county of Amadora in Lisbon were developed. This exhibition, titled Museu do Prado Itinerante, is a, currently, temporary initiative to display a selective number of paintings from the Museu do Prado in Madrid in an arts and education context. This aims to cater to the growing creative and artistically driven community that resides in Amadora, expanding on the cultural scene in Lisbon. Both posters were 1m x 1.70m and were developed using photoshop, so as to achieve a pleasing balance of textures and media, combining original paintings that are a part of the exhibition and the drawings made by two primary schools that visited on a school trip to one of the locations where the exhibition was held in. Poster A uses the painting "Meninos na praia" (or "Boys on the Beach") by Joaquín Sorolla. This is an oil on canvas painting created in 1909 that is permanently hung at the Museo do Prado in Madrid. The focus of the poster, however, is not the magnificent work by Sorolla, but the interpretations made by local primary school students of this painting and many others included in the exhibition. A combination of texture, media and, arguably, degree of artistic proficiency, this poster caters to the imagination and interpretation of the viewer. Poster A presents an opportunity to share with the public the impact of the Museu do Prado Itinerante initiative, where yes, the art by established painters is the point of attraction, but it is the possible interaction between these and the public that makes the visit all the more exciting. Poster B, on the other hand, takes a different approach to the same concept of the art-viewer dynamic, centring "Cavaleiro com a Mão ao Peito" by El Greco, an oil on canvas portrait from 1585. The coloured in drawings, made by kindergarten students, serve as a way to enhance the power and impact of El Greco's work, still alluding to the same interactive relationship between the exhibition and the public, whoever graphically safer than Poster A. Creative Direction, Development, Conception and Editing by Stephanie Mariano.