Museum of London

With a remarkable collection and an unorthodox approach, this very modern museum needed a suitably memorable campaign to capture the attention of Londoners.

We’ve long been fans of the Museum of London and we were delighted to work on their new brand awareness campaign. We chose a quirky Pop Art-inspired montage style, juxtaposing museum artefacts against recognisable London backdrops, to create a series of visually arresting and intriguing images. Digging deep into the collection helped us bring the capital to life through its astonishing wealth of history.

Launched in August 2013, the campaign turned heads across the capital, extending across outdoor, tube and print media. Our client at the Museum of London was thrilled with the ‘wonderfully eclectic designs’, and the campaign proved a great success, helping to double the number of visitors to the museum over the summer. Our client was so pleased with the campaign and its effectiveness, that our montages have now been adopted as permanent assets of the Museum of London identity. So even if you missed the original campaign, you'll catch a glimpse of it in different guises – definitely worth another look.