Music Fund (Hyundai)

  • Thiago Valenti

Hyundai's strategy for a year-long national fund to support artists, Music Fund was a pitch idea to expand the brand's music sponsorship. As a concept, Music Fund was meant to be a flexible and adaptive brand, working with a wide range artists and other music related brands (like Boiler Room). As the responsible for the look and feel design and art direction, I worked with a motion designer to explore how the elements could work on some key touch-points.

The concept left the Hyundai look and feel behind, creating a sober yet startling identity, with enough space for album/photography to be placed. A very abstracted 'H' shape animates with the beat of a given artist song, literally inputting the music into AfterEffects to sync with the animation. With all that motion, things were kept simple with a black/white palette, but making good use of strong headline typography.