Music video: Leave it all behind by Between A Moment

  • Sandeep Abraham

The band told me that the song has many meanings, but basically it's about leaving their hometown and their past, but struggling to move on. My idea therefore was to depict the leaving part with humans as a metaphor. So to give the viewers a better understanding over the emotions the character is going through instead of using the "hometowns". We kept the interaction between the characters low so the viewers have enough room for own interpretations and can find out for themselves why the actor is looking so thoughtful and where they are heading. As you can see we shot the video anamorphic with the Atlas A-set and on my RED Dragon-X. This was a two-man project. We shot everything with available light and handheld. Fortunately, I was able to gain a lot of experience over the years in location scouting Switzerland and knew some stunning places and easily reachable places.