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The desire to be perfect, to fulfil societal expectations on how you should regard your body, the ‘perfection’ of other people becoming the window of competition within yourselves, and the social media reality forcing us to look and think a certain way – these were the issues that Chyna Denton Silver chose to explore in her project NAK_D Imperfectly Imperfect.

Strong imagery and bold, symbolic performances from the models in her video make you question this idealization of societal norms that fit none. Why do we consider Instagram influencers the canon? Why do we consider having plastic surgery and modifying our bodies instead of accepting who we truly are?

In an age where social media is the recurrent best friend of millions of people, how can we fight what forces us to compare ourselves to others and especially those deemed ‘perfect’? NAK_D undresses these false expectations and raises awareness of the hurtful and humiliating name calling women endure every day.

“They are all about a perfect aesthetic, pleasing feeds, their body, how beautiful it is, about plastic surgery. In my video, Imperfect Perfect Imperfections, I’m not glamorising these ideas. The models are talking about turning their imperfections into perfection” Chyna remarks, as she explains the motivation behind her iconic project.....

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