Name my Movie's Newsletter 1

Name my Movie's first Newsletter

Name my Movie is our first landing site, the place where we want to nurture the majority of our traffic and redirect if from there. You can choose the name of our project or vote on our first choice, but if you get to choose the name used picked by the crowd, you'll be rewarded!
Anyone can take part in choosing the name of our projects, but if you decide to favor us in buying some of our merchandise, you'll have more options to vote upon (and redirected to our next site, "Me Produce").
If you decide not to buy, you still have basic voting options and access to a highlight of the activities happening inside our site, but it's no secret we would like you to favor our project and invest in it.
Name my Movie is the first place where creators interplay with the audience, a place for debate. We want to begin with our Hamlet project, how shall we name him? And Polonius or Laertes? We think that Gertrude can be Trudy and Claudius shan't be a problem, but what about the remaining characters? What are their favorite colors, their favorite garments?
We want *you* to co-create our content with us, we know how (and when) to implement these first interactions, but we know you as a collective can be smarter than us! We need *your* advice!
Despite appearances, Gay Hamlet isn't the name we have chosen for our project, that would be "Gamblet" (a portmanteau of gambler and Hamlet), but we'd love to hear what options you might bring to the table!
We're anxiously waiting to hear from you!

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