•Music Composition/ Mix• for Kickstarter Campaign July 20 - Aug 20 2019 (Fully backed) Nine years in the making. Over 200 images of NASA's most iconic objects, as you’ve never seen them before. One man’s lifetime obsession with space exploration and the achievements of NASA. This is 'NASA - Past and Present Dreams of the Future', a new book to accompany the educational, experiential exhibition from photographer Benedict Redgrove, launching on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. With unprecedented access to NASA’s spacecraft, labs and facilities Redgrove has created a unique and powerful tribute to the pioneers of space exploration. " is some of the most incredible imagery you'll ever find of the NASA space program. " ACQUIRE MAGAZINE “Benedict has created something that will forever be referred back to when people look at the history of space exploration.” SIMON PHILLIPSON - AUTHOR OF APOLLO VII - XVII “Benedict’s NASA images are some of the most awe inspiring, finely produced images I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The file quality, the lighting and attention to detail is second to none. You can feel his deep passion for NASA and Space come through in every shot - a true labour of love.” ANDREW DIPROSE - CREATIVE DIRECTOR WIRED (UK) “The culmination of nine years documenting the many aspects of the US space programme, Benedict Redgrove’s NASA project is shot in his distinctive style, with an almost scientific rigour that befits the subject matter. This body of work gives a fascinating insight into Man’s quest for the stars that will appeal to both space enthusiasts and a wider audience beyond.” ANDY GREENACRE - THE TELEGRAPH “This unique and stunning collection of images beautifully produced by Benedict is an excellent and insightful look at a fascinating subject.” HENNY MANLEY - ESQUIRE MAGAZINE “Space, the Final Frontier...Benedict’s NASA images will inspire you to believe that humanity is truly capable of anything. NASA - Past and present dreams of the future” with it’s beautifully crafted photography, you can see the photographers deep respect and love for Space exploration in every image.” THOMAS PAYNE - POPULAR SCIENCE (USA) (