nasal polyps homeopathic treatment

  • Nicholas Jacob

Nasal polyps are soft, painless and non-cancerous growths in the lining of the nasal passages.

They result from chronic inflammation due to asthma, recurrent infection, allergies and certain immune disorders. As they grow, they look like grapes on a stem. Small polyps may not cause symptoms. But, larger growths can cause nasal blockage and lead to dyspnea, loss of smell and frequent infections.

Homeopathic medicines provide effective treatment in case of nasal polyps because the medicines are administered to the patient after a detailed and complete case taking on the basis of characteristic individuality and constitution.
CAUSES : The exact cause is not known. But according to scientific studies, viral or bacterial infections, an allergy, or an immune response to fungus are possible triggers.
Risk factors include asthma, allergic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, genetic factors.
“Homeopathic Treatment”
Teucrium marum, Lemna minor, ammonium carb, calc carb, and allium cepa are well-indicated homeopathic remedies for nasal polyps. But an appropriate homeopathic remedy should be administered to the patient after a through case-taking.