National Nuclear Laboratory – rebrand

  • Ian Moore

NNL found that their current brand was limiting their ability to connect and tell stories – their vision of nuclear science benefiting society. The business was growing and evolving and needed a sophisticated approach that could flex for different purposes – from government to public communications. Completed as Creative Lead at Hands Down

The ‘illustration’ library
The cornerstone of the new brand is the collage-style illustrations – each heavily researched to intelligently convey a key aspect of their work.
Brand guidelines
Underpinned by our ‘brand spectrum’ – we empowered the client to help determine the level of design detail and budget for each new piece of communication.
We drastically reduced the copy on this key marketing collateral to short, punchy, image-led decks.
Foleon Reports
Our first showcase of the new brand, created through Foleon CMS (previously PDF) – resulting in a flexible, more accessible document for their stakeholders.
Science & Technology Case Study illustrations
Report spreads

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    National Nuclear Laboratory