Navigating Neurodiversity Library Curation

  • Daisy Shearer

This semester, the Library Student Curator is Daisy Shearer, a Physics PhD student at Surrey. Daisy was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the final year of her degree and has been heavily involved in the neurodiversity community ever since; she became the founder of Neurodivergent in STEM and also became the founder of the University of Surrey Neurodiversity Network. Daisy has now worked on an exciting new project on ‘Navigating Neurodiversity’, which will reflect on her own experiences of neurodiversity and that of other students and communities. She hopes that her reading list will not only educate others, but will also celebrate all of our differences. The launch of her project will coincide with Neurodiversity Celebration Week. Repository post collecting photos of the display and links to blogs, the reading list, news items, and social media posts: