• Charlotte Johnstone

The brief for this project was to create a visual identity for the London marathon campaign that will be shown on the Pro:Direct Running Instagram stories. The campaign is to cover the journeys of three runners as they train towards the London marathon. This was to be live in many phases starting with phase one which will introduce the runner and to get some training updates. The Runners will be asked to supply UGC content at various points in their training and racing, which will need to be presented on Instagram stories. It was asked that the Design needed to have a premium feel that sits well within the PD brand, but also draws influence from in-app features and feel authentic and personal to the runners. The aim is to create a toolkit that can be picked up by any designer and have UGC content slotted in at different points in the campaign.  I started by doing some research into some Instagram stories that I thought were cool and had a different edge to them, I then looked further to then see what I could bring from these inspiration pieces into my designs. One thing I wanted to focus on was the personal touch and how I could achieve that through an Instagram story. I first started to think of diaries and scrapbooks which is where I decided that sing ripped paper and tape could be a really good way of layering to give it a fun personal feel as essentially this is a form of a diary for our three runners. I combined my ideas chose some colours and fonts and created some designs which I then pitched to the running team. My idea went down very well and had a great response, I then found out that we were now going to be a partnership with New Balance and that gave me more to work with. I checked out the colours of the branding that they were going to be using this year for their London Marathon content and decided to use similar so that the two would fit well together. I started designing away and then the final designs came to light. This phase is just the first, the design and concept will change throughout the runner's journeys depending on their stage which I think is exciting. This was a great project to work on and I really feel like my visions came to life completely and once it was signed off by the Running team and New Balance it was good to go live on the PDR Instagram stories. 

Inspiration and Idea generation slides below: