Neelam Gill and the fight against the pressure to be pale

  • Poorna Bell
  • Roshni Goyate
Published by: The Guardian
Date: 14th May, 2018
Author: Poorna Bell
Every Asian woman has a colourism story to tell. Maybe it was last week, when a relative remarked on how dark she had gone in the sun. Or perhaps it’s a story from girlhood: the first time someone said she shouldn’t play outdoors because she would “tan”. Either way, wherever we are on the colour spectrum, we have all had a moment when we realised that, among our own people, darker skin wasn’t valued, loved or admired.
“We grow up with a discourse,” says Roshni Goyate, co-founder of The Other Box, an organisation that celebrates and supports people of colour in the creative industries. “It’s never direct language like ‘dark is bad’, but it comes from little comments. Because of that there is a lot of unlearning to be done.”
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