Negative Ecstasy

Negative Ecstasy
Artist: Mustafa Hulusi
Dirimart Gallery, Istanbul
Video installation & Instagram films for artist Mustafa Hulusi to promote his latest work Negative Ecstasy.
Film Editor: Maxim Young
Max has worked with artist Mustafa Hulusi again editing his piece 'Mood Reel' an eight channel installation. Art Review have labelled it a standout work. 'With film clips from nouvelle vague films, post colonial 'Third Cinema' and later 'World' Cinema. Hulusi's edit focuses on the eyes, gazes, stares of his protagonists of various ethnicities and race, and images of a hypnotically intense tactility or corporeality-hands counting cash or caressing flowers, a sheep being slaughtered, reeds in the wind.' (J.J Charlesworth, Art Review) 
You can watch the full piece here:

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Maxim Young

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