Nemea Bank

Nemea is one of a small number of online-only banks. It does not operate any physical branches and is structured in a way that allows its clients to carry out all their banking needs in their own time, wherever they are.
Introducing Nemea Online Banking: a lighter, airier platform with improved functionality and intuitive infrastructure. The Nemea Banking App is supremely easy to navigate, makes service information more accessible and transparent, and is simpler and more minimalist in design.
The lightness of the new Nemea Web-Bank is evident on all fronts, right from the upgraded font style, which has a minimal frame to make it crisp and clear, through to intuitive online registration forms, which are adaptive and logically structured.
Nemea Bank is also accessible to users of all abilities, including those with low vision and colour blindness. Nemea Bank also comes with a night mode feature that switches most of the interface from white to dark grey.

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Andrew Carter

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