Netflix | Dice Media: Little Things

  • Elliott Liu

Little Things is a Netflix series about a young couple and the small, seemingly inconsequential moments experienced in their everyday life. The brief set by the Director was to create a simple but meaningful and emotive score. We exchanged original music back and forth, exploring various sonic soundscapes that complimented the imagery onscreen until the music aligned with the core themes of the show.

Little Things is filled with nuanced details that build an intimate portrait of a relationship that has aged and weathered but is still strong. Having been bombarded for decades with high pitched love stories complete with songs, drama and convenient happily ever afters, it’s lovely to watch a couple celebrate the ordinariness of love and the importance of friendship in sustaining any long term relationship. In a world that’s constantly pulling us in different directions, and telling us about everything we don’t have, it’s the familiarity of the little things we share that truly makes for a great love story.

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