Netflix Illustration System

  • Michael William Lester
  • Gica Tam

Working with Koto’s London & LA offices we created a new set of illustration principles to be used across the Netflix product ecosystem. Team: Beginners Illustration Gica Tam / Michael Lester Animation: Michael Lester Sound: Oliver Muto Koto Creative direction Dave Raxworthy Production Michelle Ha / Lauren Fogelström

Idea first Our initial exploration centred around using Netflix original content to communicate simple messages. We explored these in sketch form and focussed on clear messaging before working on the illustration style.
Style exploration Lead illustrator Gica Tam brought a distinct understanding of lighting and form to create an illustration style that could communicate a wide range of messaging. Paired with a distinguished, object-focussed subject matter, the illustrations avoided clichéd tech abstraction to create bold, robust and cinematic spot illustrations.
Refinements We then refined the objects and fully vectorised the initial painted illustrations.
The final illustrations and application!
Pictograms We were also tasked with the creation of a set of pictograms that felt a part of the illustrated world but would work in a much more direct way at a smaller size.
Gift cards Finally we explored how the spot illustrations could be scaled up into a less functional canvas - a Netflix gift card.
Thank you!

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