Netflix Umbrella Academy

  • Adam Morton-Delaney
  • Rosie Atkinson
  • Ellen Turnill Montoya

We worked with Netflix to launch a new show with a local twist

Umbrella Academy. Netflix approached Anyways to help launch their latest show, the Umbrella Academy, in a localised way. The show started life as a comic book series by American writers Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá and revolves around a dysfunctional family of adopted superhero siblings. We were tasked to create a buzz around the show's launch in the UK, bringing impact and attitude to get people watching and talking about the new series.
Big Ideas. We developed a range of approaches for the campaign that would spark engagement with the show's audiences across the UK. From physical activations to Instagram Stories, press moments to ad concepts, we identified ideas that could scale up or down to drive awareness and views of the new show.
Super _____. Of all the ideas we came up with, there was one that heavily influenced the national campaign. Drawing on British language and culture, we identified words that would resonate best with the locals across different UK cities. Keeping the global tagline ‘SUPER’ front and central, we adapted artwork to add a witty and relatable tone.
Huge, unmissable murals sprung up across the country, each one unique and relevant to its setting. From ‘Super. Weird.’ in Camden, to ‘Super. Mortal.’ in Newcastle.
Super Sheehan in Port Laoise. To compliment the murals in major cities, we celebrated the stars of the show, bringing big billboards to the tiny towns of Port Laoise and Coalville, where lead actors Robert Sheehan and Tom Hopper grew up
Press Moment. We also helped with some promotional ideas for sharing the show online. One idea was a play on the traditional press junket, where we played on Robert and Tom’s cheeky and playful personas.
We scoured the web to find some of the most ‘out there’ Tweets addressed to the actors. These were taken to the actors in the form of a game of ‘Guess Who’, to see who’d caught the eye of each Tweeting admirer.
Receiving over a million views on YouTube, the junket definitely sparked conversation amongst fans, with individual comments racking up over 17,000 likes and counting.

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