New American Dream

The American Dream is well ingrained in culture and it reverberates across the whole world. It paints a picture of social mobility; the idea that if you work hard enough in America, you can be whoever you want to be. A vision of America as a land of freedom, equality and opportunity for all is at the heart of the American cultural narrative, but worsening rates of social mobility, clear systemic inequalities, and failing trust in public institutions have cast a dark shadow over these core national ideals. This doesn’t mean that the American Dream is dead. Some 70% of Americans still believe that the American Dream is personally achievable - highlighting how people remain faithful to its vision of prosperity and success. So what's changing? Find out in Canvas8's New American Dream report. It offers ideas about how brands can navigate and connect with polarized populations. We examine tomorrow's vision of aspiration, explore what division in the US means for your brand, and evaluate the definition of American identity today. Download it now: