NEW WORK: Charlie Clift for the BAFTAs

  • Tracy Westcott
  • Charlie Clift
  • maya glaser

NEW WORK: Charlie Clift was commissioned to photograph the official portraits at the 2023 EE BAFTA Film Awards. “Austin Butler oozed charm, Cate Blanchett celebrated her fourth golden mask, Ariana DeBose exuded energy, and Rami Malek gave me one beautiful jump; it was a joy to have the top talent on the planet in front of my lens. Each sitting was a matter of minutes. Distilling the intensity of awards night into my portraits required a space which was both versatile and allowed a moment of connection amid the rush. I designed a set inspired by Lucien Freud’s studio; plastered walls, a worn wooden floor, and tired furniture. Flooded with soft light, it was the perfect backdrop against which the emotions of the evening could take centre stage.” - Charlie Clift Claire Rees – Bafta Photo Director⁠ Phil Hardman – Lighting Assistant Mel Morgan – Retoucher #portraitphotography #peoplephotography #bafta #awards #commission #glamour

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