Produced assistant and project manager at educational film the Observers, which will be used in schools in Europe for education and awareness about human trafficking
This was the first movie designed for purpose of education of children in primary and secondary schools and adopted for educational system, and the second movie produced in Serbia in this content.
Duration of the movie “THE OBSERVERS” is 36 minutes adjusted for duration of one school class where professors, after the film, are talking in built workshop about content of the movie based on special book designed for this purpose.
The movie was produced in collaboration with Ministry of education, Center for human trafficking and Ministry of interior where five consultants were working and adopting the screenplay. The screenplay based on three true stories/cases.
The production consisted of 40 people which were organized by Mixer production in co-production Radio television of Serbia, where I was the assistant of production and main organizer of the whole project, as a marketing coordinator and PR of the whole project. Numerous actors and film crew, 60 of them, worked pro bono or for complimentary price because they recognized the importance of this subject. We also had special prices from catering companies for food and beverage and numerous sponsors. Thanks to friends and production team who were very generous, we succeeded to save more than 40,000.00 euro, this collaborative part was also one of my obligations. We got special prices or pro bono in technical support, food and beverage, media, media space, commercials etc. I was working from a collaboration and negotiations with Ministries and working with sponsors and TV station.
The visual identity and PR and market placement was under my directive. YOUTUBE:
PR and main organizer for the film premiere the OBSERVERS – my obligations were to organize every segment of the film premiere and also to do PR for a film
The film premier took place on 17th October at cinema “Yugoslavia” where more than 300 people attended including press. After the public premier, the movie was presented on Radio television of Serbia on 18th October – European day for fighting against human trafficking at the primetime. Based on statistic, more than 30% of population of Serbia had seen the movie. We should mention, also, that we got screen projection and promotion on television of the film and space at cinema pro bono.
The movie “The observers “will be played in all schools in Serbia as structural part of program “Prevention and education against human trafficking”, which is one of my obligations to make it happen.

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