Nicorette | One Breath

  • Tammy Le Vasan
  • Zac Ellis
  • Rob Ronayne
  • Jonathan Bitel
  • Peter Hall
Nicorette tells the story of Dann Verhoeven, a former smoker turned professional free diver. We follow him as he descends 64 meters into the ocean, describing the physical and emotional sensations, and how quitting smoking allowed him to achieve this. After the death of his father from lung cancer he managed to break the habit and immediately felt healthier. He began to enjoy his clear breath and used this for his chosen pursuit. We learn the effects on the body as he plunges further into the depths. We hear how his life has changed since quitting and how he now views the decision as a ‘gift’ to himself. The content shows viewers the incredible things they can accomplish when they finally quit.


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