Nike EC20 Portugal Kit

Client: Nike Service: Research & Campaign Date: February 2020


Nike asked ON ROAD to create an authentic campaign to establish the new Portugal Kit for the European Championships. We aimed to tell a story through casting real Lisboetas and leave a positive impact on the community.

To gain a holistic understanding of their world, the ON ROAD team were immersed into the lives of 13-19 year-olds living in Lisbon who share a passion and love for football. In order to challenge and validate our hypotheses, we centred questions around life in Lisbon, their relationship with football and overcoming obstructions in the sport, gaining an in-depth understanding of the role football plays in Portuguese culture. Our local team connected us with game-changers within their community: coaches, local community leaders, grassroots teams, social & cultural activists and artists. We worked with figures who are pushing the game forward through inspiration and action and who were already providing access to opportunities through football. Our methodology uncovered actionable insights for the brand and allowed us to cast real Lisboetas to drive an authentic campaign with positive community impact.

For the final campaign, we casted five young Lisboetas and two community leaders and brought them to Turin to shoot the final campaign alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Jessica Silva. Nike was able to not only create a campaign for their EC20 Portugal Kit, but also give a platform to real people with real stories.

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