Nike Football X - Winner Stays On - Amsterdam

When our Amsterdam Partners - Very Rare Ams - helped Edward Van Gils launch the NikeFootballX Campaign, we witnessed some seriously fancy footwork!
Edward Van Gils, Street Football superstar, hosted an evening to inform and inspire 50 of the biggest names in Street Football, in the run up to the NikeFootballX Winner Stays On tournament.
Street Football (or ‘Staatvoetbal’ to those in the know) has been around since the early 1900's but saw a huge boost in popularity during the noughties, thanks to a global advertising campaign from Nike, and a rise in social sharing.

Starting on the streets of Amsterdam, the sport grew fast, turning local competitors into regular celebrities. They do not claim to have invented Street Football, but they do take full pride in having changed the image of the sport and boy, is it a cool image!
Having had a strong ties to Nike footwear from the beginning, they wanted their attendees to capture the speed and precision of both their skills and their trainers.
GIFGIF was the perfect tool for this and the crowd loved it! They created fun GIFs of unbelievable ball skills that were shared across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, allowing their fans to see a slice of the action!

Nice work guys!