Nike — NFL Color Rush

  • Jonny Seymour

NFL and Nike unveil new uniforms for all 32 NFL clubs. This year, we’ve have been chosen to be a part of this amazing event. The brief was straightforward: show the process used by Nike’s designers to create the uniforms. So we asked ourselves—what is the most important thing to communicate when the Nike Vapor Untouchable uniform is revealed? The answer was just as straightforward: the improvements, of course. We highlighted all the upgrades to the 2016 NFL uniforms — like lightness, bold colors, panels reduction—things designed to help the NFL players move faster.

The uniforms were to be worn the first time during the first Thursday Night Football game of the year, a time of high interest and excitement for football fans. We were charged with creating something special to present the uniform at its best. We wanted to show the speed and dynamism the player gains when wearing the new, ultra-light Nike uniform and were given an absolute creative freedom to do it.  Our explorations led us to imbue a flat picture with additional dimension simply by adding a neon layer. All of it inspired by Odell Beckham Jr’s speed. Voilà!