Nike Vapormax - Footlocker Marble Arch Activation

  • Thomas Leather

For this activation we were tasked to create an engaging activation using “moonshot” as the key creative consideration. Moonshot is used to describe an extremely difficult fete. This is how Nike described there innovation story. Being the lead of this project, I decided to create an immersive tunnel that would sit in the front of the store. I wanted customers to walk through it and be immersed with the space theme, connect copy and then take a selfie at the end. They were encourage to used a campaign specific hashtag and upload to Instagram. There was no creative considerations from Nike for this project, all I had to work on was some product shots, some graphics, and the moonshot ideology. Because of this I focused the designs on the iconic film 2001: A Space Odyssey imagery, and tried to replicate an Nike version of this - using mirror to exaggerate the experience. Experience: Creative lead/Creative direction/3D Design/ Sketch concepts/ Client facing

Sketch plan
3ds Max Vray visual

Finished execution
Finished execution from inside the tunnel