Nirvana: Nevermind’s 30th Anniversary

As a game-changing, culture-making, 1990s phenomenon, Nirvana’s Nevermind has become a landmark release in music history. Bringing the band both mainstream and critical success, its fusion of grunge with a punk aesthetic, singable melodies and noise has been pervasive inspiration for the artists that followed in Nirvana’s wake. Also a catalyst for them becoming one of the biggest-selling bands of all time, it remains as impressive a record today as it was back in 1991. An album that special deserved big celebrations upon it reaching an important milestone since its release – so for Nevermind’s 30th anniversary, we teamed up with Universal Music Catalogue to bring the record’s spirit to the streets of London. In the heart of Camden we crafted a mural, filled with flowers and specially printed Nirvana seed papers for fans to take away and plant, making sure the English capital was very much In Bloom for the momentous occasion.