Nissan - Chase the Thrill


Technological innovation is at the heart of everything Nissan does. To communicate this brand truth at the Mondial Auto Paris 2014 show, we wanted to convey the performance of a Nissan car in a radically new way.
We struck upon virtual reality – a cutting edge medium that not only mirrors Nissan’s taste for the future, but also invites the audience to share in our excitement for the future of interactivity.


In ‘Chase the Thrill’, users wear an immersive virtual reality Oculus Rift mask and become roller-skating androids, pursuing a Nissan JUKE through a virtual city.
A treadmill allows you to navigate the environment using your own legs, making for an incredibly immediate experience. As your avatar jumps from building to building and slips under obstacles to follow the JUKE, you experience immersion and movement that must be felt to be believed – and it leaves no doubt that the JUKE’s a tough car to keep up with.


Nearly 6000 visitors witnessed Chase the Thrill over the course of the Mondial Auto Paris 2014 event – many of them queuing up for repeated goes. The buzz spread quickly and Nissan was soon the most-mentioned brand on social media during the show. With such a novel way of communicating the JUKE’s urban credentials, we garnered significant press coverage too – over 30 respected technology, marketing and motoring outlets devoted precious space to the experience.