Nissan Juke: Folded In Britain

  • Thomas Forsyth
To mark the 5th birthday of the Nissan Juke, Owen Gildersleeve approached us to help him create a life-sized, origami inspired paper car, to tie in with the company's Japanese roots.
Owen primarily got us involved to help him creatively develop and solve the challenges of working with paper on this kind of scale. We used a mixture of computer based technologies and traditional hand-skills to devise and build the illustrative, low-poly paper shell and a rigid, lightweight internal framework that supports the external structure.
We worked closely and collaboratively with Owen right from the initial concept and development, through to the many hours of folding and gluing, all the way to the final installation and assembly on camera. All of this was to make sure the project was not only pushing the limits of what is possible with such a familiar material, but that it was also a great success. The paper model took over 200 hours to build and the paper shell was formed of around 2,000 separately folded polygons.


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      Owen Gildersleeve