Nissan presents 'The Five Elements of Adventure'

  • Lucy Boyd
To celebrate the launch of the all-new Nissan X-Trail, we were challenged to create a campaign that brought to life the true spirit of adventure.

Working with world-renowned mountaineer and author Matt Walker, we developed ‘The Five Elements’, a simple formula that explores the essence of adventure and its potential to provide a fresh perspective on the challenges of our everyday lives.

An exclusive preview of the feature documentary was premiered at the Adventure Film Festival 2015 and broadcast over three days on the Eurosport 2 channel.

The campaign generated over 2.9 million views of the documentary trailer, 6+ million social impressions and 581K engagements as well as a huge spike in traffic to the Nissan brand hub and pan European PR coverage across a number of key adventure & lifestyle titles.

Its commercial release across a range of T-VOD platforms will provide a lasting tribute to the true spirit of adventure.