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  • Rubi-blue Collins
  • Naima Elbouihi

The print designer Naima Elbounhi and I teamed up for a collaborative project exploring concepts of ’abstraction’ and ’reality’, taking an abstract approach to teamwork. Due to the current pandemic, we chose to send several examples of our work, in Naima's case pure prints and in mine pencil portraits, and manipulate it from the others end. I initially created these portraits of people close to me I’ve missed during isolation. I decided to include myself, as I feel like I'm changing and evolving whilst having to stay put. Below are my initial three pieces created from my illustrations and Naima’s prints.

The aim was to take my talents in realism and Naima’s extraordinary exploration of photo and print manipulation and merge them together on either end to achieve unique interpretations of each other's works. The result? We both faced challenges in interpreting the imagery given to us respectively however I was able to hone in on abstraction, leading to a distorted final piece I love, whereas Naima has to balance the concepts of fantasy and reality to make her outcomes harmonious. Below is my final outcome and Naima’s brilliant pieces.