'No Grandi Navi' - The New Tourist Museum of Venice

  • Dani Berg
This project looks at how a new space could be created to encourage communications between local residents of Venice and the tourists that come annually and cause tensions throughout the city. Whilst residents want to get rid of the tourists, the museum I designed aims to show what the tourists can do for them. The museum takes an experiential route, where visitors will see exhibitions that play on every sense. These range from 'smell boxes' which smell of different spices that moved as tourists through Venice during the spice trade, representing the countries that mvoed through the area, on to sounds of early travellers, cruising their ships through the region. The museum is designed as an installation on its exterior, with pigmented concrete blocks representing the different groups who move through Venice, and make their mark on the city
The museum is designed with technology in mind, so that each of the smaller blocks contribute to the overall energy strategy, an example of which is shown below