No missed matches

Making the Carnival experience even better with Tinder.


Carnival is one of Brazil’s most significant cultural events. For young people, it’s perceived as a moment to meet other people, so much so that some say Carnival is better than Tinder.

To be culturally relevant this season, Tinder improved the experience instead of competing with Carnival, ensuring no matches (either made at Carnival or on Tinder) are missed.


Carnival parties are usually crowded, so it’s just as easy to meet new people as it is to lose them without exchanging contacts.

The World of the Missed Things shows a perfect match that happened at Carnival until one of them ends up in a surreal void where everything that gets lost goes. Eventually, they find each other again, thanks to Tinder.
The visual identity is inspired by the joy of Carnival, with a colourful palette and playful character illustrations.
To make sure no one else would lose their matches, Tinder created the Carnival Drop, a series of accessories that link with the owner’s Tinder profile, so anyone at Carnival can scan it with their phone and bring the match to the app too.
The items are available online nationwide and from a physical store in the heart of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival.
To further encourage matches, Tinder partnered with one of the most popular phone insurance companies in Brazil, so people would feel safer using their phone to open the app and chat with matches.


With the phone insurance and Carnival Drop, Tinder offers solutions for two downsides of Carnival for Generation Z.

Carnival season, which could be perceived as a competitor, was turned into an opportunity for Tinder to show what it is really about: making meaningful matches through technology.

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