No single issue struggle: making all black lives matter | Imani Robinson | TEDxLimassol

  • Imani Robinson
f we want to build a wide movement for justice and liberation, across many different communities, we need to show up for each other, for those who experience different forms of oppression and experience different realities than us. We must be allies: actively producing accountable solidarity. This talk will explore the importance of speaking out about our the condition of our lives and organising for transformative change. For us to understand how power manifests, we have to appreciate how different communities are implicated in the struggle. Imani Robinson is a London-born British-Caribbean, African-American organiser. She has been working collaboratively to strengthen movements and build consciousness about issues concerning anti-black racism, black feminist liberation, LGBQTNI+ rights and decolonial environmental politics. Imani is deeply invested in liberating minds and livelihoods through art, education, movement-building and dialogue.