Nonhuman Becoming

  • Søs Christine Hejselbæk

CYBORGIAN BIONICS // In the year of 3018 our external intimacy with technology will have annihilated us from one another, until we’re no longer able to experience human intimacy. Nonhuman becoming seeks to speculate about cyborgian cultures in a future scenario. The artefact acts as an eco-skeleton, transmitting the impulses from the nervous system through a conductive aluminium structure, which then activates a algae-based robotically extruded hydrogel and lights up in the intensity of the sensation from the nervous system, through the bioluminescent algae species of Noctiluca.The installation is a means to communication, and builds a relation between nature and future, organic and inorganic, organism and machine, in order to provoke thought in the wearer and viewer about their own relation to technological enhancement of the body and the human experience. In collaboration with: Shneel Malik - PhD in Algae-based Structures in Architecture - Bartlett School of Architecture. Design Engineer Helene Steiner & Chemical Engineer Thomas Meany - Open Cell London