Notice More

  • Dan Highwood

A research-based self initiated project revolving around the idea of becoming more aware of routine in order to experience more and enrich day-to-day life. Commuting by bike for 30 mins each day bought the realisation on how easy it can be to click into ‘autopilot‘ and not notice our surroundings or even the route taken. We decided to tackle this subject with a gentle approach to encourage people to take a moment, breathe and engage in a practical activity, while leaving the baggage 'of ‘mindfulness’ at the door. With a concept of creating curiosity about how daily routines really feel and attempting to notice the small details, we created a series of visuals using image-making techniques from photographed ink & oil to mixed wine & soap, then highly processed digitally. Coupled with bold conceptual typography, we aimed to create a project with strong contrasts and striking visuals to catch attention and encourage curiosity, thus breaking routine. Deliverables: Book, Posters, Set of Cards, Sticker Set, Pocket & Postcards