November Fresh: New Content We Love

  • Amella Watson
  • Clare Coleman

Each month we bring you the top inspirational images in Shutterstock’s collection. Explore new content and beautiful photographs in our November roundup.

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“Before the big day” Image by Shutterstock Artist JuliLeo
“Get out of my wave” Image by Offset Artist SnapRapid
“Running in flower fields” Frame from Shutterstock Footage by Igor Trubaev
“Photo perfect memories in Korea” Image by Shutterstock Artist sonnim
“Mountain hiking” Frame from Shutterstock Footage by Spotmatik Ltd
“Awake from my beauty sleep“ Image by Offset Artist Marcos Osorio of Addictive Creative
“Breakfast time” Image by Shutterstock Artist Daria Arnautova
“The florists” Frame from Shutterstock Footage by Bo1982
“Just peeking” Image by Offset Artist letizia haessig photography of WestEnd61
“Running on the beach” Image by Shutterstock Artist spass
“At work in the studio” Frame from Shutterstock Footage by StockMediaSeller
“Beauty in the eye” Image by Offset Artist Pablo Gabriel Croatto of WestEnd61
“Field of flowers” Image by Shutterstock Artist Firman Bayu
“In bed” Image by Offset Artist Gala Martinez of Addictive Creative
“Working out by the waterfront” Frame from Shutterstock Footage by Active Stock
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