"Now we good"

  • Racha Bouhouche
  • Chioma Ince
  • Ines Bouhouche

This collection of poems and illustrations is a collaborative project between two sisters, Ines and Racha Bouhouche, whose respective turmoil have left a few pages crumpled. Through an intimate introspection of the self, the two sisters mirrors each other's perception of their own racialized and gendered bodies. Using creative practises as a catharsis space, imagery and words collides to make sense of the world.

The Zine was part of the "In Residence", a multi-disciplinary exhibition and symposium gathering over 30 Glasgow-based artists across three venues in the city to reclaim art spaces, from the 18th of March to the 21st of March 2018. For the occasion, a 'floating library' was installed in 16 Nicholson Street, where publications were suspended from the ceiling.