NYONI by Uber Dandy Kimono

  • Tia Oguri

Nyoni is the second collection to be designed by Uber Dandy Kimono and has brought a futuristic take on yukata while once again using African wax prints. This collection has been designed for the Spring of 2020 in addition to the focus on the concept of being creatively free. Futhermore, to increase emphasis on the thread of freedom, the collective is titled Nyoni which means bird in several Bantu languages. Here, we are shown how UDK wishes to be free creatively at the same time as the application of traditional and modern styling. In addition, the African wax prints chosen for the Spring designs bring new as well as vibrant patterns and motifs to the baseline of kitsuke. We are reminded of Spring through the liveliness of the graphics shown on the yukata fabric whilst they are styled with popping, contrasting colours to echo those of the futuristic 1980s fashion trends we once saw and have seen again recently in fashion. The colours push past the primary colours of the first collection in order to grant us a more ‘out of this world’ space appeal. Along side this intergalactic vibe, we are shown how the kimono can be worn in the ‘otoko’ style which blurs the gender binary. Through the use of androgynous styling, UDK aims to once again bring kimono to the 21st Century. A crisp and contemporary take on the classic cotton yukata with UDK’s signature eclectric styling: a great visual aid and inspiration for those new to kitsuke items and musubi as well as those more experienced.