Obinna Nwogu - Lifestyle Tips to Stay Healthy During the Pandemic

  • Obi Nwogu
COVID-19 has altered many of our daily activities in unexpected ways. Because of the coronavirus epidemic, we are living in difficult times. These difficulties might have a physical and emotional impact on us. In this coronavirus pandemic, we use social distancing to protect ourselves and others. It's difficult to maintain a consistent routine when you have to physically separate yourself from others, especially if you're at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill as a result of the virus. Obinna Nwogu offers some excellent medical advice to assist you to live a healthy lifestyle amid the pandemic. He is a licensed Canadian health and fitness trainer who also gives guest lectures on fitness and health.

  • Make an effort to consume nutritious meals that are high in fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. Those foods can help you maintain a healthy body and mind during stressful times.

  • Reduce your intake of anxiety-inducing foods including sugar, coffee, and alcohol.

  • It is critical to stay hydrated in order to be healthy. Drinking enough water each day – approximately 8 to 10 glasses or 64 ounces – will also help you avoid cravings. It will also prevent you from snacking on carbohydrate-rich foods.

  • Get Enough sleep because our overall health depends on getting enough sleep. “Immune system activity influences sleep, and sleep in turn, impacts the innate and adaptive arm of our body's defensive system,” according to a medical research organization. While the amount of sleep required for optimal health and performance is mostly determined by the individual.

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