Oil Spill

  • Elizabeth Donovan
  • Patch Middleton

Don’t take our planet for granted we only get one. During lockdown I had lots of time to think about anything and everything. Coming to realise just how beautiful our surroundings are and we should look after them. In a time where so many issues were circulating I wanted to bring to light those that seemed some what less important to show we should be thinking about them all ✌ I wanted to create an abstract visual response to the oil spill that happened in Russia. With everything that's happened in the world over the last few months, I felt the issue had been looked over and somewhat cast aside. With other issues seemingly taking priority, I wanted to raise awareness to the topic and the effect it's had on the environment. We must try to acknowledge all world issues and help solve them if we can. I wanted to create something that entices you in, something that is quite beautiful and calm to observe but can have fatal consequences; encouraging people to look beneath the surface. I started experimenting with different ways I could illustrate oil dispersing into water and filmed the effects. I used objects around my home including reflections of light to mimic the movement of water and the colour of the contaminated water. I then manipulated what I filmed in post-production. Music by the talented Patch Middleton https://www.theearthissue.com/news/oil-spill-elizabeth