Old Jamaica | Get The Sunshine Vibe

  • Del Mak
  • Pete Evans
  • Ginny Matthews
  • Chris Strong

Established in 1988, Old Jamaica is the UK’s No. 1 Ginger Beer. ‘Get The Sunshine Vibe’ is Old Jamaica’s biggest ever consumer campaign, with Refresco UK, the bottler and distributor investing £1.5 million in bringing the feel-good attitude and carnival vibe of Jamaica to streets and towns all over the UK through TV (Channel 4 platforms), social and digital activity. Filmed on location in Manchester, the charming and funny campaign introduces the ‘Sunshine Man’ a modern twist on the lovable neighbourhood Milkman figure, a very stylish Old Jamaica deliverer and the magic he brings providing ice-cold cans to our original and unique thirsty residents – Sunshine Gran, Sunshine Dan and Sunshine Leeann, on a sunny day. Reuniting with award-winning comedy director Chris Strong, Del was requested to choreograph and develop the correct gait for the Sunshine Man, bringing special moments of flare to the character’s ‘everyday’ journey in ‘turning up the Sunshine dial’ in people’s lives. The performance was designed to be effortlessly cool embellished with deft movement such as walking in rhythm to the infectious soundtrack, fancy footwork, a spin here, or a slide there while keeping in mind their framing and that they would be enhanced by utilising a number of filming techniques, from Steadicam, to crash zooms, a moving platform, and amusing cut-aways. The result is an attention-grabbing ad that builds a memorable, modern, amusing and lovable Old Jamaican Ginger Beer character and emits the Perfect Summer Vibes.