Ollie and Dog – Saizen Easypod Medical Animation

The brief

* To facilitate the learning of how to use the Saizen Easypod device.

* To provide friendly and accurate training information for both children and their parents on the use of their new medication.

What we did

Working with the award winning digital healthcare agency emotive we discovered we researched how best to provide advice and support to children with growth hormone deficiency. We created the engaging and trustworthy characters, Ollie and Dog, an animated duo who allow children and parents to easily understand the use of their new medication. Divided into chapters, Ollie and Dog is provided as a DVD to UK patients and provides a friendly and reassuring source of information in a period of change and uncertainty. We developed 8 individual elements including the menu screen.

Launched in the UK in 2012, Ollie and Dog has proved popular amongst nurses, parents and most importantly, the patients themselves. Adjusting to the sudden need to have regular injections for an illness you don’t fully understand can be traumatic for children – Ollie and Dog provide the reassurance, advice and support that patients need. 80% of all UK patients have the DVD, and Merck Serono have reported a greater understanding of the treatment and available support services since its launch.

Ollie and Dog was Highly Commended’ for the PM Digital ‘Craft Award – Film & Animation’ 2012.