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Brief of the Day: Create adverts for your favourite biscuits.

Cadbury's white chocolate and milk chocolate fingers, combined together look like a piano.
Brief of the Day: Create posters to celebrate #WorldBrailleDay

Lego is iconic. Using the 2X3 brick, I wrote the company slogan in braille.
Brief of the Day: Campaign to promote @CityToSeaBrist.

Advertising the idea of refilling water bottles to reduce plastic waste in our oceans.
I found imagery of an empty ocean and added this simple, effective line.
Brief of the Day: Advertise Ketchup.

Heinz is the go-to brand for many individuals. I made this visual with the idea that (if posted by the company)
it would be supported with a poll - allowing audiences to interract with the brand.
Brief of the Day: Advertise something using a poem.

This Is The Place is a famous poem by Tony Walsh, a proud Mancunian.
For the #OneMinuteBrief, I created my own version to advertise Chester Zoo.
Brief of the Day: Advertise razors.

Gillette is known for its slogan "The best a man can get"
I simply used a photo of Robert Downey, Jr and wrote "The best Iron Man can get"
Brief of the Day: (in partnership with KFC on February 14th) Create posters to show the love for chicken.

Using cheeky, chicken related innuendos as Valentine's cards.
Images like the following are often shared on social media around Valentine's Day, so I made my own.
Brief of the Day: Advertise horoscopes.

Horoscopes, messages from the stars. The stars of the Milky Way.
I replace the faces from the famous MilkyWay stars with the symbols of each star sign.

Brief of the Day: Advertise using song lyrics.

I used American Idiot by Green Day to advertise the Oxford English Dictionary.
(funny because you can save yourself from being an American idiot by purchasing the OED)

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