ONE Putney / London, United Kingdom / 2019

ONE Putney, a landmark scheme in London, aims at transforming a neglected stretch of the town centre while establishing a new dialogue for future developments along this main thoroughfare. Simultaneously mitigating the scale of the high street and the adjacent neighbourhood required a thoughtful response in order to create a well proportioned and well crafted building for the future. The six-storey BREEAM Excellent building includes 15 residential apartments, a shared rooftop terrace and green roofs. The design plays with interlocking volumes, reinterpreting the original structure in a new way. Curved corners emphasise the continuous lines along the high street and Montserrat Road, activating more pedestrian space. Horizontal and vertical elements are formed from precast concrete, echoing townscape materials. Carefully respecting scale and the relationship between the high street and bordering residential road, the mixed-use development establishes a strong identity and active retail frontage, with the rear elevation stepping down to reflect the height of two-storey terraced housing behind.

A timeless object transforming the dialogue of the high street.