onedotzero: Cascade_ZA

  • Caitlin McGregor
onedotzero were invited back to johannesburg by the british council to present the second cascade_za workshop during connect za innovation month and the fak’ugesi festival.
Working with onedotzero on their Cascade workshop was the first interaction I had with the company that I would eventually move overseas to join. I became involved with the Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival after working with the team on the Being Faust: Enter Mephisto project the year before.
My role in the project was to act as technical manager for the cascade team while they were in South Africa. Working alongside Sophie Walter and Simone Sebastian, a group of 16 young creatives were tasked with creating a unique intervention for the closing night party of the festival. The participants were split into 3 teams, each taking a unique approach to the brief.
My role was to interact with all three groups and assist them in achieving their plans, from arranging technical equipment, such as cameras, projectors and tv screens, to arranging costumes for performers and providing help for the onsite setup and strike.