Orange Hot Summer

  • Traian C. Munteanu
  • Dragos Barda

Orange Hot Summer campaign for 2020. Orange tasked us with the creation of a concept campaign for their mid-summer promo. The campaign was to revolve around their yearly character "Flacarila" (Fireboy)

The campaign mechanic is based around the air temperature in the cities of the country. The higher the temperature in the city - the bigger the amount of discount you receive on the Orange online shop. For every degree above a threshold Orange will discount 1% of the price.
Hot even in the coldest place
Intorsura Buzaului is the reportedly coldest place in Romania. Therefore we decided to create a special mechanic that allowed the people all over the country to "donate" their cities' temperature to the people from "Intorsura Buzaului" in order to allow them to participate in the campaign. Given the fact that their average yearly temperature is much lower than the rest of the country it was a problem for them to participate in the campaign.
Because the idea of the campaign was to exploit the power of the sun in order to discount prices, we decided to take a stab at the competition and provide them with some well-deserved light at night. The purpose of this guerilla outdoor was to illustrate the fact that the promo was available to everybody regardless if they were old Orange clients or newcomers that change their carrier during the campaign.
Like before, the purpose remains that of illustrating the idea that the promo is available to everyone regardless of the moment they decided to switch carriers, even during the campaign. This guerilla outdoor is designed to illustrate the fact that "we are all orange on the inside" so there's no point in fighting...or in using any other carrier.