• Lucy Evers

4 years ago I began running the @orchardslive social media. Including, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify. Growing the social fan base from less than 2,000 to now north of 17,000 collectively. We signed to ITB Agency and Big Scary Monsters without management intervention, have built positive relationships within the industry. Being known for our overwhelmingly positive social media presence something I have worked very hard to create. Being featured in NME, Upset, CLASH, Dork, Noizey and many more. I have created countless campaigns from scratch, including 8 Tour Campaigns and 2 Album Launches. Adapting with the ever changing music industry. Due to the lack of funds, I have learnt of my own accord to make the most of algorithms and insights. Our social media is applauded by peers and this is due to my passion and love of Branding and Marketing. I have created a recognisable voice and solid foundation for Orchards, through Social Platform Networking.


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