Original Magazine's Review - Drawing Cabaret Couture: Live Drawing Class in Collaboration with IA London

  • Original Magazine

We were invited by the Drawing Cabaret Couture, founded by professional dancer and model Janet Mayer along with set designer and artist Matthew Lawrence, on Thursday 4th March 2021 to join them in a live drawing class, in collaboration with designer IA London. We must admit, we were rather worried about joining in to start with, especially as our backgrounds are of a photography nature rather than a drawing one. However, here at Original Magazine, we adore art of all disciplines and we were very eager and enthusiastic to try our hand. Like many events over the last year, the live drawing class took place online and we were instantly greeted with a familiar aesthetic of IA London. We were lucky to have seen IA London in previous London Fashion Week physical shows so we were very excited to see their garments in a more intimate setting. With enchanting music setting the scene, (which we have now added to our playlist!) Janet takes centre stage between the hourglass with the first outfit and starts to perform creating beautiful and effortless shapes, perfect for imaginative brush strokes to wonder the page. As soon as the event started our worries about our lack of skill sets as painters and illustrators soon disappeared as we felt at ease in a welcoming and stress free environment. The camera angles changed after a few minutes, allowing the artists to see different perspectives of Janet and the garments, giving the artists time to freely express themselves. Watching the artists involved in the event was full of captivating and inspirational visuals. An excellent form of escapism during a pandemic. One of the reasons why we loved this event is that all artists, no matter age or skill set were able to come together to enjoy what we all love, ART! In a world where creativity has been stripped away for many of us, it was an amazing event to come together and enjoy. It was a very well thought out and organised event, which again, eased the pressure of those who may feel a little out of their depth. We would highly recommend anyone to try live classes with Drawing Cabaret Couture as it was simply an enjoyable and engaging experience. https://www.originalmagazine.uk/home/review-drawing-cabaret-couture-live-drawing-class