our brand can be your life

  • Chris Baker

A graphic design dissertation

Our Brand Can Be Your Life is the board game in which players can build a modern-day branding agency. To do this, your agency will have to hire resources, pitch and compete for new potential clients and spend and invest in industries to help your own brand and business grow. Players get to dictate how they run their branding agency and the direction they wish to take. They do this by hiring resources from three categories: Brand Strategy, Business Strategy and Creative Thinking. The aim is to use these resource to grow your clients’ businesses through the building of brand. The biggest agency with the highest wealth and most clients becomes the eventual winner.
In this dissertation I explore the role of the modern designer in a changing industry and how applying creative thinking to business and brand can help companies grow. I wanted to create a physical embodiment of my essay that allows users to interact, experience and apply this theory to a small scale, make believe scenario.